Dean Lindberg began his art career as a animation studio cel painter and worked his way up the production ladder as an in-betweener, animator, character designer and animation director specializing in TV commercials. After 12 years making thousands of pictures for animated commercials, he thought it might be fun to do illustrations too. His illustration portfolio includes advertising, editorial, educational and greeting card samples.


Pen & ink, Photoshop, and After Effects, combined with a dry sense of humor, and years of experience, are the primary tools in his toolbox.


“Whatever the project, I always want to work with an illustrator that can make the idea better. Someone who can think. That’s why I’ve worked with Dean so often over the past 20 years. From illustrating a greeting card to making an animated

commercial or video, Dean doesn’t just do the job, he always adds to it and makes the end result better than I had imagined.

That’s easy to like.” -----Gibson Carothers

 Dear Dean,


At long last, enclosed please find the final of the film you animated, "The Big Picture". Preliminary feedback from our customers has been phenomenal! We also focus group tested the film in Louisville and Baltimore along with two other "live action" campaign films - "The Big Picture" was the clear winner. Following are some verbatim comments:


"Very good, very informative - showed what United Way actually does"

"I could relate to the characters"

"Appeals to all kinds of audiences"


"Warm, humorous, informational - didn't ran it down your throat"

"Humor keeps everyone's attention"

"Clever use of self-deprecating humor"


I've probably said this more than once, but I must say it again - this success could not have been achieved without you. Thank you for taking our dream and making it happen. We will be forever grateful.


Hope you enjoy the finished product as much as our audiences have. Thank you again Dean, you have been such a pleasure to work with,




Suzy Martin

Managing Producer

United Way Productions

 If I tell you how much I love collaborating with Dean and what a talent he is, then next time I call him, he may be busy working with you. Mmm, it's a risk I'll just have to take. —

Bruce Schultz

Creative Director/Writer and Voice of Centered Life

star Astik Figuer, SWP Agency

 Thanks for always making me smile, Dean. I love your little insights and witticisms (it's a word), too! Your characters are so animated ... you're able to convey so much with the smallest details - something as simple as the precise placement of an eyeball! It's always a pleasure to work with you. Karen Knutson, Art Director, Northwestern Publishing House

 Dean's work is very smart, very funny, and very well drawn. That's above and beyond his professionalism -- meeting deadlines, dealing with budgets, contending with digital issues easily, etc. -- and all that is on top of his just being a nice guy to work with. Should the appropriate project arise, we'd work with Dean again in a heartbeat.


Mike Diehl, Creative Director, Designer

Tim Broderick, Writer, Producer

VTV Learning Fast Track project